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Rosa Roja

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PostSubject: United Blood Guard Message   Thu Jun 19, 2008 7:08 pm

Dispatch from Sir Altair Swordmaster

Sender: Altair Swordmaster
Date: on 2008-06-18 at 06:06:48
Subject: Guild Opportunity
Dispatch: Let me introduce myself as Sir Altair Swordmaster; I am the Commander of the United Blood Guard. We are a training guild and my knights have been chosen or come to us by way of recommendation. They have volunteer to remain under the level 12 until all stats are 50 or greater. This makes us surprisingly strong.

I apologize for the attack but that is the only way we can test the metal of your character. We are always looking for knights such as yourself that are still moldable and teachable.

Should you be accepted into the guild, you would have to give us your word that you will advance to level 12 and then stay under 700 EXP and work on nothing but stats until all stats are at least 50.

While our guild is a training guild, it is not easy. I demand the best from my knights. You must safeguard your gold and be active. Failure to heed to these two very important responsibilities can result in being dismissed from the guild.

We do not discriminate between knights of light or horde knights. We train anyone that has a desire to see their knight grow. Our knights come from all over the world and unite with the goal of learning how to play to win. Our knights have a grasp of the fundamental concepts of this game and are winners. If and when they graduate from our training program, they will be in fine shape to be admitted to almost any guild on this server.

Are you a premium member? How often do you play? Are you up for this challenge? Don't you really want to come play in a top notch guild that wants to win?

Altair Swordmaster, Commander, United Blood Guard

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United Blood Guard Message
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